• Cuvee de ReserveChampagne Vintage Reserve

    Half-bottle BRUT: 7.90 €, Bottle BRUT: 14.00 €, Bottle DEMI-SEC: 14.00 €, Magnum BRUT: 30.70 €, Jéroboam BRUT (Attention command time): 81.50 €.

    Blend: 35% Meunier, 35% Pinot Black, 30% Chardonnay

    Her dress is golden yellow. The nose is complex with a certain maturity. The complexity of the three champagne grape varieties gives Champagne personality. The extent of Pinot Black is tempered by the finesse of Chardonnay. Miller brings the fruit and roundness.

    Drink as an aperitif or accompanying fish or shellfish.

    Also available in half bottles. Other containers on request.

  • Cuvee Speciale

    Champagne Special Vintage

    Bottle BRUT :  15.30 €
    For this thin and delicate wine, even joining the Reserve Vintage.

    Aging in cellars 3 years maturity brings him more subtle and lightweight that you particularly savor an appetizer.

  • Rose

    Pink Champagne

    Bottle BRUT :  15.00 €
    Blend: 30% Meunier, 40% Pinot Black, 30% Chardonnay

    A subtle blend of Brut Tradition and red wine, obtained by careful selection of the grapes at harvest that are then scraped, provides this remarkable wine.

    Drink as an aperitif or accompanying white meat or fruit desserts.

  • Cuvee de BB

    Champagne White Of Whites

    Bottle BRUT:  15.50 €
    Blend: 100% Chardonnay

    Slightly fruity Champagne. It is a Brut. Composed only of Chardonnay.

    This wine combines very well fish, inputs and soft cheeses.

  • Rose de Saignee

    Pink Champagne of bloodletting

    Bottle BRUT :  18.20 €
    Blend: 100% Pinot Black

    Obtained by natural breeding at harvest, this is one of the few Pink Champagne prepared according to traditional method of bleeding. Her dress of deep pink and delicate aromas of red fruits will satisfy the most refined palate.

    Drink as an aperitif or with poultry without hesitation or game. If you book him a dessert, offer the company of a cake with red fruit, light and just sweet.

  • Cuvee Prestige

    Champagne Vintage Prestige

    Bottle BRUT : 16.50 €  -  Magnum BRUT : 38.40 €
    Blend: 65% Pinot Black, 35% Chardonnay

    Her dress is a deep yellow. The assembly Black Pinot and Chardonnay, request an aging time for maturation. Many aftertaste provided by Chardonnay, Pinot Black by fruity.

    The flagship of our range.

    Drink as an aperitif, pleasant to drink throughout the meal.

  • Cuvee eqilibre

    CHAMPAGNE L'Équilibre 2012

     Millésime Grand Cru

    Bottle BRUT in box : 39.60 €  ( single bottle : 25.50 €)
    Assembly : 50% Pinot Noir / 50% Chardonnay , 50% vinified and aged in barrels for 6 months

    This particular vintage, tied to the old, gives freshness, maturity and elegance.

    Only the great years give birth to rare quality champagne.

    For an unforgettable tasting.


  • 1-Champagne Vintage Reserve
  • 2-Champagne Special Vintage
  • 3 - Pink Champagne
  • 4-Champagne White Of Whites
  • 5-Pink Champagne of bloodletting
  • 6-Champagne Cuvée Prestige
  • 7-Champagne l'équilibre